Stats: Worldwide, People Are Eager to Travel but Show Caution

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A bit of good news: More than three-quarters of people (77 percent) from around the world they have not considered giving up traveling between June and December 2020 as long as the destination is not in quarantine, according to a recent survey by LuggageHero.

When asked about the travel period of June to December, more than half (58 percent) of Americans already had trips on their calendars, and 40 percent were planning to travel with at least one other person (excluding business travel). In the UK, the same number (58 percent) planned to travel; in the EU, it was 54 percent.

Out of the people saying they will still travel from June to December, 42 percent said they will not change their original destination; however just under one-third (32 percent) replied that they would now attempt to avoid big cities and public transportation and instead focus on parks and the outdoors. Half of the respondents in the U.S. were still planning to travel abroad, while 40 percent said they would consider replacing international travel with domestic travel in 2020. The remaining 10 percent they will not travel at all in 2020.

Participants were pretty evenly divided when it came to stick to their 2020 travel budget as it was set before the coronavirus pandemic: 35 percent of participants said they are sticking to their budget; 31 percent will reduce their holiday expenses up to 40 percent; and 34 percept said they will cut their budgets by more than 40 percent. Note that in the previous survey, conducted three weeks prior, 47 percent said they would stick to their budgets.


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