Stats: Travel Insurance Helps Drive Client Loyalty for Travel Advisors

A spring survey of more than 2,800 Allianz Partners travel insurance customers has revealed a high level of satisfaction when it comes to purchasing travel insurance through travel advisors. The survey also found that a significant number of Allianz Partners customers were cruise-bound: Thirty-three percent of the customers who purchased a policy for their travels said they were taking a cruise. A vast majority (82 percent) of those cruise customers reported that having an Allianz travel insurance policy gave them peace of mind during their trip, and 75 percent would book a cruise again in the future after their experience.  

Half of the respondents (50 percent) who ticked yes on taking a cruise for their vacation claimed it was their first cruise since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, fueling industry reports that cruising will make a strong resurgence among American travelers in 2023. Seventy-nine percent of those respondents who traveled on a cruise for the first time since the start of the pandemic claimed that having travel insurance from Allianz Partners made them feel more confident in taking that cruise.

Industry experts have reported that expedition cruising is becoming increasingly popular in 2023, especially among “revenge travelers” catching up for lost time. Allianz’s survey reported that among the 33 percent of its respondents who went on a cruise, 22 percent have been on an expedition cruise, and 74 percent who haven’t would consider booking one in the future.

The survey also found that travel insurance may help drive client loyalty for travel advisors. The survey reported that 53 percent of respondents who purchased a policy through a travel advisor said their experience with Allianz travel insurance would make them more likely to book their next trip with the same travel advisor.   

Allianz surveyed customers who purchased a travel insurance policy and traveled between the dates of July 2022 to March 2023, asking questions about their recent travels and their experience purchasing a travel insurance policy. 

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