Sustainable Travel International Launches New Tool For Websites

Sustainable Travel International has unveiled an embeddable carbon footprint calculator for calculating and offsetting travel emissions. Companies can now power carbon offsetting directly from their own website.

The new tool expands upon Sustainable Travel International’s suite of business climate solutions, offering a free and simple mechanism for companies to offer their customers carbon offsets. Once embedded, visitors can use the calculator to calculate their travel emissions and purchase carbon offsets from Sustainable Travel International. Besides flights, users can offset other high-emission travel activities including cruises, vehicles, liveaboards, yachts and private jet charters.

The embeddable calculator can be added to any website in minutes via an iFrame tag without writing any code. Companies can customize the calculator’s color scheme to match their brand and choose which sections to display. The calculator is designed to be responsive and will automatically adjust to fit any screen width.

Offsets purchased through the calculator will be channeled through Sustainable Travel International to support impactful climate projects such as forest protection, clean cookstoves or wind farms around the world. These projects balance out emissions while fighting climate change by sequestering carbon from the atmosphere or preventing future emissions from happening.

The embeddable calculator follows the launch of Sustainable Travel International’s new travel carbon footprint calculator. The company is also making their API available, enabling companies to integrate carbon footprint measurement and offsetting into their existing systems.

Companies can generate their free iFrame at

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