Bear Grylls Survival Academy Launches 5-Day Course

AdventurerClients will have the opportunity to learn some of Bear’s extreme survival techniques in a range of locations across America. California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, New York’s Catskills and Colorado’s Rocky Mountains will play host to a five day long intensive program, starting in June. A team of highly trained experts will instruct adventurers in the most extreme survival skills, from emergency shelter construction to administrating remote medical aide, to knife proficiency and hunting for grubs and rodents. The course, designed by Bear himself, will conclude with a 36 hour wilderness excursion, which will truly put visitors to the ultimate test.

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“It is with great pride that we can now finally launch the Bear Grylls Survival Academy to be able to share some of these skills and what it really means to be able to look after yourself when the chips are down,” says Bear Grylls. “Oh, and it may hurt a little.”

Keeping the experience personal is a key emphasis of the experience, with each program limited to only ten enrollees. In addition costs will cover meals, kit and accommodation.  

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The course will offer commission. 

The academy also caters to the tamer adventurer, offering 24-hour family and 24-hour adult courses as well as providing corporate and team building courses tailored to the needs of the company.