Anguilla Announces Reopening Protocols

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Anguilla will begin accepting applications for entry from visitors wishing to travel to the island starting August 21, 2020. The announcement was made by the Hon. Quincia Gumbs-Marie, parliamentary secretary for tourism, at a press conference hosted by the Premier, Hon. Dr. Ellis Webster on Thursday. Phase One of the reopening will run from August 21 through October 31. Travel to the island will technically open August 21, as well, but since the application process must be completed ahead of travel, travel will resume, in reality, after that date. 

From August 21, visitors wishing to enter Anguilla may start the pre-registration process online at the Anguilla Tourist Board’s website, Application requirements include the visitor’s home address and proposed travel dates; the submission of a negative PCR test, taken within three to five days prior to arrival; and a health insurance policy that will cover any medical expenses incurred in relation to COVID-19 (coronavirus) treatment. Once the application is approved, an electronic certificate authorizing travel to Anguilla will be issued.

All passengers will be given a PCR test on arrival, with a second test administered on Day 10 of their visit. During this period, they must quarantine at their accommodation. Once a negative result is returned after the second test, guests are then free to explore the island.   

In the event of a positive test, the guest will have to isolate at a government approved location. The use of rental vehicles is also prohibited until clearance is received on Day 10. It should be noted, however, that there is not a minimum stay requirement; guests are free to visit for shorter periods. Visitors from low-risk countries will be given preference; those from high-risk countries will be assessed on a case by case basis, taking into consideration their place of residence. Although the United States has the most cases of COVID-19 of any country, according to Johns Hopkins, your place of residence will factor into consideration. For example: New York has done a better job of flattening its curve than other states, therefore, its residents may have better chances of getting approval.

A list of approved accommodations, particularly in the villa sector, will be available on the portal, as all properties must be registered and certified to receive guests. A rigorous program of staff training is currently underway, says the Anguilla Tourism Board. Note: As the island is presently COVID- 19-free, wearing a mask is not mandatory; however, guests on island are expected to observe social distancing and follow the stringent hygiene practices that have allowed the island to retain its coveted status for the past four months.

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