Anguilla Declares No Evidence of COVID-19 Transmission

Anguilla’s Ministry of Health and Social Development delivered promising news in their latest update, on Sunday, April 26, regarding the island’s response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

In the update, the ministry said, at present, there are no suspected cases and no evidence of transmission of COVID-19 within Anguilla. It added that all three confirmed cases have now recovered and it has been more than 28 days since the island’s last confirmed case. 

“This is undoubtedly an important milestone and a great achievement for Anguilla,” the ministry said in the statement. “However, in order to maintain this status, we must remain steadfast in our efforts to prevent this virus from establishing a foothold in our community.”

While the Ministry of Health urges residents to continue to comply with hygienic practices, respiratory etiquette and social distancing measures, it says should the current epidemiological situation prevail, members of the general public may anticipate a de-escalation of the current restrictions on movements and mass gatherings in a phased approach over the upcoming weeks.

Recently, the Anguilla Tourist Board launched a new social strategy designed to build community and connections through heartfelt messages that make people feel supported, valued and loved. Content, shared on all social sites, are broken into three categories: Informative, Inspirational and Educational. Local religious leaders, artists, chefs, historians, wellness practitioners have been tabbed to take part in the series, which use the hashtags #AnguillafromAfar and #DreamingofAnguilla

The Ministry of Health will continue to provide updates regarding coronavirus through

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