Carnival Cruise Line Adjusts Two Ships' Schedules as Tropical Storm Churns

Carnival Valor
Carnival Valor has adjusted this week's itinerary to call at Progreso and Cozumel, Mexico on different days, to avoid a Gulf of Mexico tropical storm.

The summer hurricane season is here, and Tropical Storm Cindy churning several hundred miles south of the Mississippi River in the Gulf of Mexico, has resulted in adjustments to two cruise ship schedules. 

Two Carnival Cruise Line vessels are the first impacted. They’ll call at the two Western Caribbean ports scheduled for these cruises -- Progreso and Cozumel, Mexico -- but in a different order. The new schedules are as follows:

  • Sailing roundtrip from Galveston last Saturday, Carnival Valor spent Monday in Progreso, Mexico and will call today at Cozumel, Mexico. It will return to Galveston on Thursday.
  • Departing from New Orleans last evening, Carnival Triumph now has plans to visit Progreso on Wednesday and Cozumel on Thursday. It is expected to return to New Orleans Saturday, as planned.

Tropical storm warnings from the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami have been issued for the central U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Maximum sustained winds are 45 mph. Significant rainfall is considered the biggest threat to coastal destinations at this time. 

The location of the storm at 10 a.m. on Tuesday was about 265 miles south of Morgan City, LA, and about 355 miles southeast of Galveston, TX.

Meanwhile, the cruise industry is also tracking Tropical Storm Bret, now in the southern Caribbean.

Keep visiting for any further itinerary changes as a result of both storms. 

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