Avoya Travel Network Adds New "Avoya Smart Leads" Option

Avoya Travel, which provides services to more than 1,000 independent retail travel agencies, has created a new "lead category" within Avoya’s exclusive, patented Live Leads system. Called Avoya Smart Leads, this option uses proprietary algorithms to identify and proactively alert a travel agency as to which of their past clients is the most likely to book a vacation next. 

Since launching this new option during the pandemic, Avoya said that the independent agencies using it are seeing a significant boost in new sales. For example, Eva Henry, owner, Around the World Travel, an independent agency in the Avoya Network, Boise, ID, says the new option has "created a new pipeline for me to focus on at a time when sales are hard to come by."

Tapping into Artificial Intelligence

So, how does it work? Avoya’s SaaS technology, Agent Power, uses artificial intelligence to rank each past traveler in the independent agency's database. It taps into such factors as the client's previous travel history, booking patterns and outstanding Future Travel Credits (FCCs).

The technology then pairs that information with the clients’ recent engagement behavior with Avoya’s marketing initiatives. It takes into account such elements as a recently clicked email or recent web search. Avoya Smart Leads are provided daily to each participating independent agency so they can optimize their sales efforts—spending time on "the right traveler at the right time” to best convert future sales. 

“Travel sellers around the world have been in ‘servicing’ mode for months and are relying on new bookings now more than ever to ensure their continued success in the leisure travel business," said Steve Hirshan, senior vice president of sales, Avoya Travel.

Noting that new clients are hard to find in today’s environment, "many travel advisors are overwhelmed by where to start and how to market to their past client base," he said. So this new initiative will identify and prioritize sales opportunities with past clients.  

To learn more visit: www.avoyanetwork.com.

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