Emerald Waterways Offers River Cruising Travel Guarantee

Rhine River
Photo by Harald007/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Emerald Waterways has launched its own River Cruise Travel Guarantee program, an offering that was first launched by the line's sister company, Scenic Luxury Cruises. The program, backed by Chubb Insurance, offers coverage to all travelers at no additional charge, protecting them on the commencement of their cruise for any delays or cancellations due to weather, natural disasters, mechanical breakdowns or labor strikes. Coverage will include high/low water issues that affect the industry every year and approved claimants will receive direct monetary refunds, up to $475 USD per day with a maximum of seven days or $3,325 USD per guest. 

In the event an Emerald Waterways cruise is delayed or cancelled once it has commenced and before disembarkation, guests will be reimbursed for some or all of their cruise fare (up to the above mentioned limit) under the following circumstances:

  • A complete halt to the itinerary where the Star-Ship is unable to sail and where Emerald Waterways cannot deliver the scheduled shore excursions except by way of coach rides of greater than three hours each way
  • Where Emerald Waterways has the ability to accommodate guests on another Emerald ship due to high/low water but the itinerary is delayed for more than 24 hours
  • If there is a mechanical breakdown on the ship that results in it not being able to continue the cruise and there are no alternative ships available
  • If due to industrial action (strikes, riots, river or canal lock damage or closure) Emerald is unable to pass through a lock, stopping the cruise from continuing

Embarkation or disembarkation less than 100 kilometers from the scheduled port, ships swaps that do not incur a delay of more than 24 hours, replacement of scheduled itinerary activities with alternates of similar quality, and short term delays in the itinerary due to high/low water issues are examples of items that do not meet the criteria for insurance coverage. 

Emerald Waterways strongly recommends its guests purchase travel insurance, as the River Cruise Travel Guarantee does not cover travelers for the cost of trips should they be unable to commence or finish a trip due to their own personal or medial issues or for medical needs or evacuation during the cruise. 

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