MSC Cruises Acquires Interest in Italian Cruise Terminal

MSC Cruises World Class ship

MSC Cruises has announced it has acquired a significant interest in a cruise terminal in Trieste, Italy. With this investment, the privately owned cruise company plans to develop homeporting operations in the city beginning in the summer of 2020.

MSC Cruises bought interest in Trieste Adriatic Marine Initiatives S.r.I (TAMI). TAMI is a strategic holding company of the cruise terminal Trieste Terminal Passeggeri (TTP). The company described the investment as part of its long-term goal of offering an enhanced and seamless guest experience from embarkation onwards.

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, MSC Cruises is the largest privately-owned cruise company in the world and one of the top lines in Europe, South America, South Africa and the Gulf. It has achieved 800 percent growth in its first ten years.

MSC Cruises’ fleet, one of the youngest at sea today, includes 15 ships. With its current $15.6 billion investment plan, the company expects to expand its fleet to 29 cruise ships by 2027. So far it has designed six new large ship class prototypes.

The company sells its vacation experiences around the world through a distribution network that stretches across 70 countries. MSC Cruises employs more than 23,500 people, both ashore and on its ships. MSC Cruises is a part of MSC Group, a collection of transport and logistics companies.

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