Princess Cruises to Celebrate Shark Week With Themed Cruises

(Photo by Princess Cruises)

In recognition of the 30th anniversary of Shark Week, Princess Cruises announced it would partner with Discovery, Inc. by celebrating sharks throughout the summer. Princess Cruises’ ‘Summer of Shark’ will bring the Discovery Channel summer staple aboard the Caribbean Princess for the company’s Caribbean cruises.

The Caribbean Princess, recently emblazoned with a shark decal, will transform its elevators, restaurants, casino tables and other public spaces to all be shark themed. Adults will be able to commemorate shark week with specially themed cocktails such as the Shark Attack Margarita and tropical Great Blue Shark.

Children and teens will be able to enjoy shark-themed activities at Camp Discovery teen and youth centers. There, kids ages 3-17 can receive glitter shark tattoos, shark face painting, shark teeth jewelry, shark clay models and other shark-inspired arts and crafts.

Beyond cruises, shark enthusiasts can participate in a couple of other Animal Planet Exclusive and Recommended experiences including the Princess Exclusive Great White Shark Diving Encounter in Honolulu or Whale Shark Encounter in La Paz, Mexico.

Specific cruises in Alaska and the United Kingdom will roll out Shark Week starting July 7. All Princess ships will receive early access to Shark Week 2018 programming such as “Great White Abyss.”

Princess Cruises is a global cruise line that operates 17 cruise ships, catering to two million guest each year and traveling to over 360 destinations.

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