Seabourn Unveils New "Extended Explorations" Sailings

Seabourn has announced new Extended Explorations voyages aboard Seabourn Sojourn during its fall 2018 and winter/spring 2019 seasons. The new program adds a range of unique itineraries ranging from 12 to 128 days in exotic locales such as the South Pacific, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Southeast Asia. During these voyages, Seabourn Sojourn will visit more than 30 new ports.

Extended Explorations also provides travelers with added itinerary flexibility, allowing them to have an in-depth experience in a specific region, or more from one region to another. Adding a week, month, or an entire season to a voyage provides benefits including the opportunity for overnight stays in major ports with accommodations both on board and ashore.

Throughout their Extended Explorations, guests have access to a wide range of added values and amenities, including:

  • Seabourn Conversations enrichment program with a lineup of distinguished speakers and personalities discussing topics of regional and cultural interest
  • Wines produced in the various regions will be sourced and served for guests to enjoy in many venues onboard
  • Seabourn chefs will create special menus featuring distinctive regional dishes and cuisines
  • Regional guest chefs creating special dinner menus as well as hosting cooking demonstrations
  • Special events taking place on the ship to celebrate local cultures and arts
  • Itineraries feature frequent extended stays and overnights in select marquee ports, allowing guests to spend more time exploring unique destinations
  • Optional mid-cruise Seabourn Journeys packages take guests to see significant area highlights and landmarks ashore
  • Extended Explorations are combinable with other sailings for additional savings

The lengthiest Extended Explorations voyage spans 128 days, from October 15, 2018, to February 21, 2019, departing from Los Angeles to Cape Town, South Africa. Shorter segments are also available, and can be easily combined with other itineraries to best fit any traveler’s schedule and interests. Here are the travel seasons with their accompanying segments:

Fall 2018

  • "Isles of Polynesian Paradise" and "Isles of the Southern Cross": Los Angeles to Auckland Exploration (Departs October 15; 34 Days) - Explore Hawaii, Kiribati, Bora Bora, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Tonga and Fiji, with three crossings of the International Date Line en route to Auckland. This itinerary is comprised of an 18 day and 16 day segment.
  • "Landfalls of Captain Cook": Auckland to Sydney(Departs November 19; 22 Days) - Explore New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Queensland, Australia (including the Great Barrier Reef).  
  • "Holiday Australian Exploration": Sydney to Singapore(Departs December 11; 36 Days) - Sail to destinations throughout South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, as well as East Timor, and Komodo, Bali and Java in Indonesia.

Winter/Spring 2019

  • "Passage to the Seychelles" and "African Isles & Cape Coast": Singapore to Cape Town (Departs January 16; 36 Days) - Travel to ports in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Victoria, Seychelles, Kenya, Tanzania, Mayotte, Mozambique, and South Africa. This sailing is comprised of a 14 day and 22 day segment.
  • "South Africa & the Skeleton Coast": Cape Town to Cape Town (Departs February 21; 12 Days) - Visit ports in South Africa including Langebaan, Port Elizabeth and Mossel Bay before passing the Cape of Good Hope for Walvis Bay and Luderitz in Namibia en route to a round-trip return to Cape Town. 
  • "African Nights & Indian Ocean Isles" and "Myanmar & Malaysian Marvels": Cape Town to Singapore (Departs March 5; 36 Days) - Explore ports in South Africa, as well as in Madagascar, Réunion, Mauritius, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand and Malaysia, with an Equatorial crossing along the way en route to Singapore. This sailing is comprised of a 20 day and 16 day segment.
  • "Jewels of Southeast Asia": Singapore to Shanghai (Departs April 10;18 Days) - Sail to ports in Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the People's Republic of China including Hong Kong, as well as Taiwan, and Ishigaki, Japan.
  • "Gems of China, Korea & Japan": Shanghai to Kobe (Departs April 28; 18 Days)- Visit various ports in the People's Republic of China, South Korea including Incheon (Seoul), and Japan including Hiroshima, en route to Kobe.
  • "Kamchatka & Kuroshio Route": Kobe to Vancouver (Departs May 16, 21 Days) - Discover Aomori and Otaru in Japan, Petropavlovsk (Kamchatka) in Russia, and various ports in Alaska including Kodiak Island and Ketchikan, plus scenic cruising on Glacier Bay and the Inside Passage en route to Vancouver.

Visit for more information on the Extended Explorations program.

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