California Wine Country Tries to Bring Back Tourists After Fires

Napa Valley grapes -  bmdesign/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images
Napa Valley grapes - bmdesign/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

After devastating wildfires tore through California’s wine country, the affected areas are getting back on its feet and want travelers to know that most hotels, restaurants, and vineyards are open for business. 

Agents who can’t donate money to fire relief can still help the affected areas by assuring clients that they can still travel to wine country, according to a new statement from Visit California.  

"We are incredibly grateful for the work of first responders who fought to save these communities, and we are relieved that firefighters have gained the upper hand," said Visit California President and CEO Caroline Beteta in a written release. "Now we need to do our part to help the recovery."

The Orange County Register reports that 27 wineries have been reported damaged or destroyed due to the fires. There are, however, 1,200 wineries in the region according to Visit California. 

Sonoma County is reporting that most tourism businesses are open as 90 percent of the county was unaffected. The fires were mainly in eastern Sonoma in Sonoma Valley and Santa Rosa. The Sonoma Airport has also reopened. Before clients leave, check with accommodations to see if it’s in an affected area. 

Fountaingrove Inn | The Steakhouse @ Equus in Sonoma County unfortunately has closed indefinitely due to the fires. The hotel said it will post updates as information becomes available. Additionally, the Hilton Sonoma Wine Country is also closed due to damage. 

A full list of open business in Sonoma, as well as event information, check here.  

Napa Valley was affected mainly in the eastern and western hills but reports than most hotels, wineries, restaurants, and other business are open. There are some businesses, however, that are still closed mainly due to public road closures. For a list of closed hotels, wineries and tasting rooms, and restaurants and activities, check here.

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