Guyana Looks to Enter North American Tourism Market

Guyana  -- a relatively undiscovered, off-the-beaten-path country in South America that's bordered by Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela -- is looking to enter the North American tourism market. The Guyana Tourism Authority, which is the official tourism board of “Destination Guyana,” has partnered with Emerging Destinations and Green Team Global to represent Guyana in the United States and Canadian travel markets. CornerSun Destination Marketing and Small Planet Consulting will also work to introduce the destination to the North American travel industry and drive awareness and travel to Guyana.

Later this year, a roadshow will help to provide further information on Guyana travel to North American travel agents and travel operators. According to the Guyana Tourism Authority, the plan is to position the country as the “next must-see destination for travelers,” with a focus on its status as the only English-speaking country in South America and daily nonstop flights from New York, Miami and Toronto. Marketing will also focus on Guyana’s indigenous culture, history and hospitable people, as well as its natural beauty and rainforests.

“Entering the U.S. and Canadian markets is a critical component of Guyana’s overall tourism strategy,” said Guyana Tourism Authority Director Brian Mullis. “North America is one of our strongest markets with a travel culture yearning for authentic culture and nature/adventure experiences.”

Guyana is home to an indigenous Amerindian culture, as well as six ethnic groups. It is also part of the Guiana Shield, which the Tourism Authority says is one of the world’s most biodiverse regions that includes many endemic species and South America’s “Land of the Giants.” The country also has Atlantic beaches to the north, mountain ranges to the west, savannahs to the south and 18 percent of the world’s tropical forests.


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