Showtime for Clients, Commissions for Agents

Great news for agents sending clients to New York or London, especially if those clients want to see a Broadway or West End show while in town: Leisure Connect is promoting new revenue opportunities for travel agents with a 10 percent commission paid on all FIT bookings for theatre tickets and other city essentials.

"We recognized that the travel agent market was being underserviced and that earning potential was not being realized on Broadway and London theatre tickets," said Tracy Schiller, a partner in Leisure Connect who previously fronted the Edwards & Edwards and Keith Prowse ticket brokerage companies. 

Travel agent choices up to this point have been to use ticket brokers or concierge services—or to leave it to their clients to secure their own theatre tickets. Leisure Connect will work with travel agents to change those habits as an authorized ticket agent for Broadway, London’s West End, Las Vegas, Chicago and Philadelphia. While ticket brokers and concierges add hefty markups to the box office prices, Leisure Connect pricing allows travel agents to market improved access to theatre tickets at reduced rates—thereby eliminating high booking fees that have typically been passed on to their clients.  Meanwhile, a 10 percent commission on a pair of tickets translates to about $25 and up.

Product guides can be referenced at Tim Boswell, former senior executive at both and, will focus on product development and online distribution for the company with plans to roll out new products such as all inclusive packages later this year.  Ticket Machine Ltd., a UK registered company, and owner of Group Line, Lashmars, Showpairs and, is the third partner in Leisure Connect.

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