Hornblower Offers Tour of Tunnels Beneath Rome’s Colosseum

Hornblower Group, in partnership with the Parco archeologico del Colosseo (PArCo), has announced a newly reinvented “Colosseum Underground” tour in Rome. This exhibition and multimedia installation will transport visitors back nearly 2,000 years to ancient Rome, reviving the scenes of the passage of the gladiators from the tunnel that connected Ludus Magnus. The exhibit is now included as part of Walks’ “Colosseum Underground” tour and is available for bookings.

The newly enhanced exhibition showcases how Gladiators came from the Ludus Magnus, the gladiator training gym, through the underground secret tunnel to perform in the Colosseum Arena. Including a new multimedia experience with holographic projections, the gladiators are brought to life depicting the walk on the original floor of the cryptoporticus towards the arena in their colorful armor.

The exhibition also is enhanced through a curated collection of armor on display along the tour path, along with the original artifacts from the collections such as of the PArCo, the National Archaeological Museum in Naples and the National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia with weapons distinguishing the main styles of gladiators.

Visitors can step into one of the most exclusive parts of the Colosseum in the company of a local expert guide (Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images for Hornblower Group)

Visitors can step into one of the most exclusive parts of the Colosseum. In the company of a local expert guide, visitors will tour the space where men and beasts were kept amidst intricate staging machinery as they awaited their fate. The guide will also explain the seating plan at the average games—from the emperor’s seat to the gentry, peasants and finally, the ladies.

Since 2011, Walks, part of Hornblower Group’s portfolio under its brand City Experiences, was one of the first tour operators to partner with the Colosseum and launched the “Colosseum Underground” tour. Since then, the relationship with PArCo has grown into building additional tour experiences by Walks throughout the iconic amphitheater. PArCo, part of the ministry of culture, serves as the government entity that manages both the Colosseum and Forum in Rome.

City Experiences represents a diverse portfolio of experiences in major travel destinations worldwide and includes more than 25 brands, offering locals and tourists alike a range of global experiences.

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