WTTC Issues Call to Action to Increase European Travel

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has issued a “Call to Action,” urging European Union stakeholders to support the sector, which employs over 22 million people and contributes €1.4 trillion to the European Union’s economy. This Call to Action highlights three key areas of focus to modernize and enhance the sector, which would see it reach its potential of a €1.9 trillion contribution to the E.U.’s economy by 2033, as well as the creation of almost 4 million more new jobs by 2033, to reach 26.4 million.

Those key areas are: a more sustainable future; supporting ease of travel across borders; and boosting the digitalization of the sector. Here's what the WTTC says:

The WTTC is urging the E.U. to carry out policy impact assessments on the implementation of legislation on the sector, ensuring the transition to a green and sustainable future is achievable and works hand in hand with the sector to reach net zero emissions targets. The Call to Action encourages E.U. leaders to consider the role and commitments already made by the travel and tourism sector, so that any future environmental legislation complements, rather than hinders, the work already being undertaken.

The WTTC adds that it is dedicated to supporting streamlined policies that facilitate smooth, hassle-free travel, stimulating growth and creating more job opportunities. A critical component of this is simplifying visa processes. Similarly, the global tourism body is urging the E.U. to continue its drive toward visa-free travel and remove existing barriers. WTTC encourages the E.U. to roll out the already delayed Entry-Exit System to ensure a more seamless traveler experience.

The digitalization of the sector is vital, and the final of the WTTC's three key recommendations. WTTC wants the European Union to accelerate the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and create opportunities for development and economic growth. The E.U. should additionally pursue policies that allow for contactless travel and support the innovative implementation of AI across the sector. The WTTC says it will support the E.U. to enable the digitalization of passports, streamlining of visa applications and across the whole traveler journey.

For more information, visit www.wttc.org.

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