Amanyara Announces Wellness Immersions for 2020

Travelers looking to relax, rejuvenate and restore for the New Year, take note. Following the launch of multi-day Individual Wellness Immersions at various properties throughout Asia and Europe, Aman has announced the debut of the concept in the Caribbean beginning in January 2020, held at Amanyara in Turks & Caicos

Based on individual needs, there are three pathways to choose from: Mindfulness & Stress Management, Weight Management & Transformation and Detox & Cleansing. Programs will be fully customized to the traveler's wellness goals and length of stay (minimum three nights), and will include private movement and specialist therapy sessions, spa treatments and nutritional support with personally curated menus.

If weight management is the goal, the Weight Management & Transformation pathway focuses on boosting metabolism, promoting digestion and improving the movement of fluid in the body to achieve optimum weight and overall health.

The Detox & Cleansing program looks at improving digestive, lymphatic and elimination systems with a complete detox diet using herbal remedies and complementary therapies and treatments such as lymphatic drainage and detoxing body wraps. 

Managing the rigors of daily life with a focused mind and body is essential to overall health and wellbeing. With the third pathway of Mindfulness & Stress Management, guests will be encouraged to look inward to heighten self-awareness through meditation, Qigong, yoga and breath work complemented by purification and cleansing rituals along with nutritional programs that will work to boost immunity and clarity.

Wellness Immersion Manager David Melladew will oversee all programming at Amanyara. A licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, Melladew brings his expertise in traditional Chinese medicine as well as martial arts and Qigong to Amanyara. He has launched several of Aman’s wellness immersions programs in Asia and Europe.  

The wellness immersions will be complemented by a roster of visiting practitioners for retreats throughout the year, who will bring their expertise in various disciplines to enhance the programs. These include experts in Eastern philosophies and Chinese medicine, as well as teachers of health coaching, personal training, meditation and spiritual teaching. 

Amanyara will also offer a one-day Taste of Wellness program for guests whose itinerary cannot accommodate a multi-day immersion commitment but want to incorporate a wellness aspect into their stay. Taste of Wellness is a condensed program that includes a spa treatment, a specialist session and a fitness session combined with a healthy lunch. 

One of the highlights includes Journey to Peace: Purifying Meditation at the Ocean, hosted February 18-22. During this retreat, Buddhist spiritual master and scholar Geshe YongDong (Geshe La) will guide guests on a journey to spiritual enrichment and lasting inner tranquility. Over five days under the intuitive and loving guidance of Geshe La, retreat guests will learn specific and practical skills needed to find peace in everyday life. Techniques covered include breath control to calm the mind, Tsa Lung exercises to relax the body, mindfulness practice to tune in to the present moment and meditation to promote inner peace.

Guests can also take advantage of other fitness and wellness facilities including an aqua therapeutic pool, the Erika Bloom Pilates studio, a Yoga Sala, and the Club House including tennis courts, boxing studio, soccer pitch, multi-field basketball and volleyball court as well as lacrosse.

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