Blue Lagoon Fully Reopens After Two-Month Closure

Blue Lagoon Iceland on Thursday announced the reopening of Silica Hotel and Retreat Hotel, marking the first time all establishments have been open in Svartsengi, Iceland, since the closure on November 9, 2023. The property closed as a result of increased seismic activity in the region, which led to a volcanic eruption in mid-December. The opening of the hotels follows a successful reopening of Blue Lagoon, Blue Café, Lava Restaurant, Retreat Spa, Spa Restaurant and the on-site Blue Lagoon Skincare retail store on January 6, 2024. The decision to reopen all establishments was made in close collaboration with the government and local authorities.

Helga Árnadóttir, chief operator of sales, operations and services at Blue Lagoon Iceland, said in a statement provided to Travel Agent, “After three wonderful days of welcoming back our staff and day guests at the Blue Lagoon, we’re also thrilled to be able to reopen our hotels. We’re very appreciative of our staff who worked tirelessly to reopen our establishments, and we look forward to continuing to create moments of joy for each person who walks through our doors.”

The Blue Lagoon, Blue Café, Lava Restaurant, Retreat Spa, Spa Restaurant and the on-site Blue Lagoon Skincare retail store will continue to operate with slightly reduced hours. 

The complete reopening, according to Blue Lagoon, was decided after careful consideration with the local authorities with whom the company has been in close contact over the last two months. The local authorities and experts will continue to monitor the area and the developments of seismic activity closely. The reopening also coincides with the construction of specialized protective barriers in the area and around the Blue Lagoon facilities in Svartsengi.

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