Insight Vacations Visits Iraq Al-Amir Women's Cooperative

A new initiative made by the TreadRight Foundation and Insight Vacations makes it possible for travelers to vacation while also making a difference. Guests participating in Insight’s Israel and Jordan trip can visit the Iraq Al-Amir Women’s Cooperative to see the preservation of Jordan’s local heritage. The organization has employed over 150 women since it launched in 2003 with a mission to make women more financially independent.

The organization is assisted by a grant from the TreadRight Foundation, which is allocated to completing a build-out of their gift shop, providing merchandising expertise, and allowing the group to expand their food services, which creates a source of revenue for members of the cooperative.

Travelers in this program stay in hotels at central locations and dine at local restaurants (all the logistical details are taken care of by a trained Travel Director). Along the way, guests will witness the earliest surviving map of the Holy Land in Madaba, the hidden 'rose-red' city of Petra, the desert of Wadi Rum, the ancient ruins of Shobak Castle and the Greco-Roman city of Jerash.

Visitors will spend time with the Iraq al-Amir women by experimenting in pottery making, cooking together and sharing meals. They will also see what the Women’s Association is doing to provide training and work opportunities on a variety of handicrafts for women in the region.

Here is a video overview of the program. 

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