Solmar Hotels & Resorts Launches New Family-Friendly Mixology Classes

Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas
Photo by Solmar Hotels & Resorts

Solmar Hotels & Resorts in Los Cabos is now offering its guests a family-friendly mixology and mocktail class across its seven properties. Led by its board of expert mixologists, the experience pairs traditional mixology practice with personalized guest creativity.

The mixology class allows guests to select their favorite spirit and explore different ways to prepare them. Children are invited to choose their favorite fruits, sourced from nearby organic farms, and craft their own creations. Once the basic ingredients are chosen, the mixologist will guide guests on every step of the cocktail or mocktail creation with instructions on how to mix the ingredients using special bartending tools and the process of selection. That afternoon, children will be able to be their own mixologist as they shake their ingredients up and bring their drink to life. Additionally, after the cocktails and mocktails have been created and enjoyed, each member of the family will receive a special diploma.

Popular cocktails within the mixology experience for adults range from the “Happy Mom” to the “Mezcalita,” a twist to the traditional margarita using mezcal. Mocktails for children in the new menu will range from traditional Mexican cocktails to new beverages infusing Baja’s fresh produce. Featured beverages include: “Green Refresh,” made with kiwi, mint, lemon, cucumber and serrano peppers; “Purple,” with a base of blackberries, orange, mango, pineapple and rosemary; and “Dia Rosa” which blends coconut cream, strawberries, pineapple, cherries and grenadine.

To kick off the new experience, Solmar Hotels & Resorts is offering guests a 10 percent discount on the master mixologists’ signature cocktails for the month of August.

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