Ensemble's Annual Summit Celebrates “The Power of Performance”

Ensemble recently held its second annual Summit event at Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix from April 28-30. Under this year’s theme, “Power of Performance,” the event convened the network’s owners and managers for insightful sessions, networking opportunities and engaging activities.

Designed to address key issues related to operating a business in today's dynamic landscape with a focus on driving high performance among every agency’s team, the Summit’s agenda covered a range of topics to meet the needs of attendees. Highlights of the gathering included sessions on understanding and leveraging data collection, a member-voted discussion on time management and opportunities for one-on-one networking.

Setting the tone for the conference and the importance of understanding how to best engage internally as a team as well as with clients and partners, Summit kicked off with a session unveiling the findings of a “True Colors” survey, which identifies personality styles to aid in comprehending a team’s diverse styles and improving communications based on that insight to ensure that everyone is utilizing the right strategies for effectively connect with people.

The Summit presented attendees with ample opportunities for team building via recreational activities. From sunrise balloon rides to biking and rafting adventures capped off with dine-around experiences at Scottsdale’s restaurants, these activities fostered a sense of camaraderie and community.

In keeping with the theme and a focus on the challenges of operating a business, the Summit welcomed Scott Anderson, Ph.D., chief U.S. economist and managing director at BMO Capital Markets who brings deep knowledge and inside access through his relationship with the economic advisory board for the Fed. He provided insights into economic trends and their impact on the travel industry and offered guidance for navigating future challenges and opportunities.

Ensemble will celebrate its top performers with the inaugural Ensemble Beyond: Elevated Experiences from June 7-10 with a trip to Paris that includes access to the French Open at Roland-Garros and Horizons. This will serve as an anchor event for the entire consortium, set to take place in September at Resorts World International in Las Vegas.

For more information, visit www.joinensemble.com.

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