Karisma to Honor El Dorado, Generations, Hidden Beach Owners

(Karisma Hotels and Resorts')

Karisma Hotels and Resorts reports that at its eleventh annual Gourmet Inclusive Vacation Agent Sales & Marketing Forum Awards 2018, an award given over to the travel agent industry’s top performing professionals, the company will honor Snr. Martinez and Sra. Dolores, who Karisma Hotels says have always shown deep love and support for the travel community.

Agents are asked to submit photos and memories that showcase their relationships with the owners of El Dorado Spa Resorts, Generations Resorts and Hidden Beach Resort, all by Karisma. The company encourages small acts of kindness or great gestures to demonstrate appreciation for Snr. Martinez and Sra. Dolores for their work helping local Mexican communities and supporting travel agents.

Agents are also asked to submit their photos and videos to Danielle Montes de Oca at [email protected] with the Subject line: SHOW YOUR LOVE / Agent Name. The email should include the agent contact information along with a photo caption and date or time frame of when the image or memory occurred. The campaign will continue through the end of November of this year. Karisma Hotels will reveal it (as a surprise gesture) at the 11th Annual GIVC Awards where the Martinez’s will be honored on stage.

For more information, visit https://www.karismahotels.com.

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