Amadeus Introduces Interactive Video Player for Travelers

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Studies have shown that two-thirds of travelers watch videos when they’re planning a holiday, and that they tend to visit more than 38 websites while booking a trip. These were the figures that inspired Amadeus Video Solutions: a video player from Amadeus Group that allows travelers to watch videos for travel inspiration and to book trips, all in one place.

Amadeus Video Solutions gives brands the ability to embed clickable calls to action and live booking details about attractions, hotels, restaurants and other destination highlights in their videos. This allows travelers to click on the videos as they are playing to find information about the place they want to discover, including how to get there. Plus, users don’t even need to search elsewhere when they are ready to book.

Amadeus Video Solutions also partners with travel influencers around the world, like bloggers with large followings, to create original video content targeted specifically to audiences who are actively planning their next holiday. With content created by travel influencers, travel brands can ensure their campaigns reach the right audiences at the right time, with analytics to measure the impact of their marketing efforts.

Lindner Hotels & Resorts is already displaying interactive videos created with Amadeus Video Solutions on and to reach new audiences. 

“We didn’t just want to reach a wide audience, we wanted to reach the right audience at the right time, and give them the ability to book their trip immediately, without having to search across many different websites to complete their booking,” said Oliver Stotz, Corporate Director Marketing & Distribution at Lindner Hotels & Resorts.

Originally launched in 2017 under another name, Amadeus Video Solutions is the result of two years testing led by Amadeus’ Horizon 3 team. The Horizon 3 team based in Nice is the only team in the company dedicated to trialing and testing completely new ideas on full time basis in an effort to address the long-term challenges Amadeus’ customers may face. The team is comprised of experts in fields such as artificial intelligence, user experience, full-stack development, art history, entrepreneurship and more.

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