Hotelbeds Group and Its Subsidiaries Rebrand as Hotelbeds

There are a glut of brands in the hotel industry
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Hotelbeds Group has announced that it, its commercial bedbank brand Hotelbeds, and the two groups it acquired last year, Tourico Holidays and GTA, will consolidate under the Hotelbeds brand. The change will be introduced across its operations in the coming weeks and months, bringing an end to the Tourico Holidays and GTA brands.

Hotelbeds also decided it will rename its ancillary product line as ‘Beyond the Bed.’ This product will now include the sourcing and distribution of transfers, activities, tickets, theme parks, car hire, travel insurance and specialist tours.

The development comes after Hotelbeds Group sold its destination management division earlier this year. According to Hotelbeds’ executive chairman Joan Vilà, the rebranding is part of the company’s strategy to focus its efforts on furthering the company’s position as a leading international bedbank group.

The rebranding also follows the company’s September announcement that it will merge its retail travel agent offerings into one brand, Bedsonline. The company is now working on migrating TravelBound, TravelCube and GTA retail customers to its Bedsonline platform.

Working under the Hotelbeds name in the wholesale channel and the Bedsonline brand in the travel agent channel, the company offers over 170,000 hotels, 24,000 transfers and 180,000 activities to over 60,000 travel intermediaries around the world. Its business is used in over 140 source markets with travel providers in over 185 countries.

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