Letter to the Editor: Top Mistakes New Travel Agents Make

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The following was written in response to Editorial Director Ruthanne Terrero’s column in our March issue, “Top Mistakes New Travel Agents Make.” 


I teach all of those [tips] in my online travel agent training school.

Another one is when you attend a trade show or conference, dress professionally. Talk eye to eye with the suppliers, many of whom have come long distances to present their offerings. They love their properties, so let them tell you the secrets you can share with your clients.

Don’t ask for FAM trips.

Take only brochures and literature for yourself; leave the rest for the other attendees. At the end, if it isn’t all gone, then you can take more.

Don’t take home food from the buffet or the candy bowl from the table. (We have one up here who does that. My sister in California says there is one down there, also.)

Long ago I learned to treat my reps professionally. I don’t “jerk their chains” or ask for favors. I see them changing companies constantly and you may run into them in the future at some place you really need help. If you really aren’t getting the help you need, it is OK to ask for a supervisor — nicely.

Sharon Emerson, CTC/ECC

Cruise & Tour Planners/ Certified Travel Teacher


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