Stats: 67 Percent of Travel Agents Satisfied With Job

Travel Agent
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Over two-thirds of travel agents are satisfied with their job, according to a new report from Hot Travel Jobs.

In the latest portion of its ongoing survey, 67 percent of travel agents polled by Hot Travel Jobs said that they were satisfied with their current position, as opposed to 33 percent who said that they were unsatisfied.

The findings are part of Hot Travel Jobs’ 2016 Job Seeker and Employee report, an ongoing anonymous survey of travel agents from around the travel industry. Hot Travel Jobs is releasing new data from the survey as it continues.

Previously, the survey had found that the average travel agent salary is over $61,000 annually. In the future Hot Travel Jobs said it plans to break that number down by category, such as for leisure travel agents, corporate travel agents and corporate travel managers, as the survey continues.

Zooming in on business travel, another portion of the report had found that salaries for corporate travel agents rose by 25 percent in 2016.

The positive job satisfaction and salary numbers are the latest in a series of strong signs for the travel industry. According to just-released stats from the U.S. Travel Association, travel to the United States grew for the eighth straight year in January. International air travel was strong, too, with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) reporting that air travel demand hit a five-year high that month.

Travel agents can participate in the survey online here. Responses from all participants will be combined, analyzed, and the findings reported only in their aggregate form, HotTravelJobs said.