Stats: Airfares to Drop 30 Percent August 23

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If youre looking to book a cheap flight, airfares are set to fall starting August 23, according to a new analysis by CheapOair, a day the company has dubbed National Cheap Flight Day.

Average prices for popular travel destinations will decrease approximately 30 percent for international travel and 14 percent for domestic travel August 23 as we head into the off-peak travel season, according to the report.

Among the top international destinations, Spain is seeing the largest percentage decreases. Madrid yields potential savings of over $250, and Barcelona will see savings of over $200. Asia is also expected to see massive decreases in airfares, with cities like Manila, Philippines showing prices decreasing by well over 32 percent, with a potential savings of over $300. For domestic destinations, Los Angeles tops the list with fares being 27 percent cheaper than normal. Chicago and Seattle follow, with price decreases at 15 percent and 14 percent.

Top International Destinations for Cheap Flight Day

Destination Percentage Decrease Savings Opportunity
Madrid, Spain 37% Potential savings over $250
Barcelona, Spain 33% Potential savings over $200
Manila, Philippines 32% Potential savings over $300
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 31% Potential savings over $250
Bangkok, Thailand 30% Potential savings over $250
Rome, Italy 28% Potential savings over $200
Dubai, UAE 24% Potential savings over $150
Paris, France 24% Potential savings over $150

"As summer quickly comes to a close, so does the busiest time of the year for travel. Kids are back to school, the weather starts to cool down and people are gearing up for the holidays. As the demand for airfare decreases, so do the fares," said Sanjay Hathiramani, global SVP of supplier relations for CheapOair.

Top Domestic Destinations for Cheap Flight Day

Destination Percentage Decrease Savings Opportunity
Los Angeles, California 27% Potential savings over $50
Chicago, Illinois 15% Potential savings over $30
Seattle, Washington 14% Potential savings over $30
Minneapolis, Minnesota 14% Potential savings over $25
Portland, Oregon 13% Potential savings over $30
San Diego, California 11% Potential savings over $25
Nashville, Tennessee 11% Potential savings over $25
Boston, Massachusetts 10% Potential savings over $20

"Cheap Flight Day isn't just one day of deals – it's the start of the off peak season. Fares are going to continue to stay low until Thanksgiving.  Especially for those looking for deals to international destinations, the time to book your tickets are during this window, beginning at the end of August," said Hathiramani.

The report compared average fares booked through August 31, 2017, departing from all U.S. cities between June 1, 2017 and August 31, 2017, and between September 1, 2017 and November 31, 2017.

Source: CheapOair

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