Stats: Asia-Pacific Bookings Up 93% at Tourico

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Wholesale travel brokerage company Tourico Holidays has shared data reporting a 93 percent overall increase in Asia-Pacific hotel bookings in 2017 compared to the same time in 2016.

Indonesia leads the Asia-Pacific market in annual growth, with bookings up 111 percent in 2017. China (+88% YoY), Singapore (+79% YoY), Malaysia (+78% YoY), Australia (+63% YoY), and Thailand (+39% YoY) have also seen a sharp increase in hotel bookings compared to last year.

Nearly every source market is contributing to the growth in Asia-Pacific hotel booking activity. North America increased its bookings to the region in 2017 by 53 percent – with the United States jumping 46 percent year-over-year and Canada growing by 98 percent. South America also increased its Asia-Pacific hotel bookings by 64 percent. Meanwhile, Europe continues to consume Asia-Pacific hotel product as well, increasing its bookings by 96 percent – with the United Kingdom’s bookings rising by 95 percent year-over-year. The Middle East saw a 24 percent increase in Asia-Pacific bookings, and Scandinavia increased by 68 percent.

Domestic travel within Asia-Pacific has also shown growth, increasing by 107 percent in 2017.

“The Asia-Pacific travel market has advanced at an unprecedented rate in 2017 – and there are no real signs of a slow-down,” said Hillary Wang, the regional director of product development in North Asia for Tourico Holidays, in a written release. “Travel suppliers serving the Asia-Pacific market should expect consistent, diversified demand to countries throughout the region.”

As the demand for Asia-Pacific hotel product continues to rise, Tourico has added local rooms to its inventory. In 2017, Tourico increased its number of APAC hotel partners by 40 percent.

Source: Tourico Holidays

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