Stats: Average Corporate Travel Agent Salary Was $47,814 in 2016

Travel Agent
Photo by AIMSTOCK/Vetta/Getty Images has released its final survey results on corporate salary information for corporate travel agents in 2016. 

Nationally, corporate travel agents averaged a salary of $47,814. also broke down the average salary by region:

  • Mid Atlantic: $52,116
  • Midwest: $46,118
  • Northeast: $47,213
  • Northwest: $47,857
  • Southeast: $47,872
  • Southwest: $51,132

The findings are part of Hot Travel Jobs’ 2016 Job Seeker and Employee report, an anonymous survey of travel agents from around the travel industry, which ended May 19. In total over 700 travel professionals took part in the survey, with over 85 percent of respondents sharing compensation information. said that it will break down the information into segments, including leisure, corporate and Corporate Travel Managers. 

The organization has also been releasing a number of research tidbits from the survey as it was taking place. In a previous portion of the report, 39 percent of travel agents rated their compensation as “below average,” while 36 percent said that their compensation was average.

Despite the low ratings for travel agent salaries in this latest round of the survey, the study showed broad satisfaction among travel agents regarding their job. Another portion of the report had found that over two thirds of travel agents (67 percent) are satisfied with their job, as opposed to 33 percent who said that they were unsatisfied.

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