Stats: Half of Leisure Travel Agents Satisfied With Job

Half of leisure travel agents are either satisfied or very satisfied with their job, according to preliminary data from travel jobs website’s Job Seeker Survey. In all 25 percent of respondents were very satisfied, and another 25 percent were satisfied, with their job in the latest edition of the survey. Thirty-eight percent were  somewhat satisfied, while only 12 percent were somewhat unsatisfied. None of the respondents were unsatisfied.

While last year’s survey used a different rating scheme for job satisfaction ranging from well below average to well above average, the results do seem to be an improvement this year. Only 30 percent of leisure travel agents rated their job satisfaction as either above average (21%) or well above average (9%) last year. Thirty-five percent said their satisfaction was average, followed by 17 percent for below average and 18 percent for well below average.

The data for corporate travel agents shows a similar improvement. Seventeen percent of this year’s corporate travel agent respondents said they were very satisfied with their job, followed by 34 percent who were satisfied, 18 percent who were somewhat satisfied, 14 percent who were somewhat unsatisfied and 6 percent who were unsatisfied. Last year, the responses among corporate travel agents broke down as follows: 9 percent rated their job satisfaction as well above average; 17 percent as above average; 40 percent as average; 15 percent as below average; and 19 percent as well below average.

This year 14 percent of corporate travel managers said they were very satisfied with their job, followed by 40 percent who were satisfied; 31 percent who were somewhat satisfied; 12 percent who were somewhat unsatisfied; 3 percent who were unsatisfied; and none who were very unsatisfied. Last year 9 percent of corporate travel managers rated their job satisfaction as well above average, followed by 32 percent at above average; 25 percent at average; 19 percent at below average; and 15 percent at well below average.

The survey is still ongoing. Travel agents can participate here.


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