Stats: Nebraska Hotel Searches Up 325 Percent Ahead of Eclipse

Total solar eclipse with clouds
Photo by Ig0rZh/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Hotel searches related to the total solar eclipse are on the rise as the event approaches, according to new research from Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Idaho and Kentucky saw the largest increase in hotel searches when compared year-over-year.

Nebraska has seen a 325 percent increase in hotel searches due to the eclipse, whereas Kansas has seen more than a 200 percent increase. Both states along the eclipse path are great locations for viewings and it's clear that travelers will be coming from all around the country to reserve their spot, said. Following closely behind are travelers heading to Idaho and Kentucky – both have seen over a 130 percent increase when compared to the same time last year:

  • Nebraska (325 percent)
  • Kansas (over 200 percent)
  • Missouri (nearly 160 percent)
  • Idaho (nearly 135 percent)
  • Kentucky (over 130 percent)

"Total solar eclipses are special events in the Universe, said Thomas Hettinger, Ph.D. astronomy and astrophysics and a member of the team, said in a written release. In addition to requiring a moon at just the right distance with just the right size, a planet must also have a star at just the right distance with just the right size. You don't want to miss this rare and easy opportunity to view such a wonderful cosmic performance!"

While many hotels along the path of the eclipse have already sold out, some ways to see the celestial event remain available. Weve rounded up the top 10 ways to see the solar eclipse here.


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