Stats: One Third of Millennials Use Music to Choose Destination

Music is a key driver when it comes to why Millennials choose a vacation destination, according to a new survey by online travel agency eDreams.

According to the report, a third of U.S. Millennials say music is the main factor when choosing a destination, which is higher than the global average. Forty percent want to attend music festivals abroad, and one in four Americans would travel to a different country to watch their favorite artist perform.

The multinational survey of 13,000 respondents from eight nations (U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Sweden) finds that Americans overall are the most inclined to travel to a destination because its local music style inspired them, with 23 percent saying so compared to just 8 percent of British respondents and 14 percent of all Europeans surveyed.

Jazz inspires more holidays than any other music style, with 41 percent of Americans saying they would be interested in visiting New Orleans due to their love of the genre, which is highest among the 60+ generation (46%), while reggae music inspires 34 percent of Millennials to venture abroad.

Top 10 Music Styles That Inspire Vacations

  1. Jazz (New Orleans)
  2. Country (Nashville)
  3. Reggae (Jamaica)
  4. Hip hop (America)
  5. Calypso (Caribbean)
  6. Ukulele (Hawaii)
  7. Bagpipes (Scotland)
  8. Flamenco (Spain)
  9. Samba (Brazil)
  10. Tango (Argentina)

It's clear that music-led vacations are a big draw for Americans, eDreams said, with a further one in four (25%) saying they would travel to a different country to watch their favorite artist perform. Twice more American men (14%) have already done this, compared to just 7% of women.

A third (33%) of American Millennials say music is the main factor considered when choosing where to go on a trip, which is well above the global average of 18 percent for the same age group.

Festivals get the beat going for Millennials, with 40 percent of U.S. 20-29 year olds saying they are interested in attending a music festival outside of their own country, much higher than global average for that generation (34%). However surprisingly, 29 percent say they're more interested in intimate and creative music festivals rather than bigger events like Coachella.

As streaming music for free on mobile devices has become even more accessible in recent years, it's no surprise that 26 percent of Millennials (16% U.S. average) have downloaded music from local artists before a vacation to get them in the mood, and 22 percent admit to making a playlist with local music from their trip to let memories live on back at home.

Source: eDreams

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