Virtuoso Gears Up for Travel Week

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Nearly 1,200 advisors will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of some of the most popular niches in travel at the inaugural Virtuoso Community Globetrotting, held in conjunction with Virtuoso Travel Week, Virtuoso said. The advisors will spend the day at ARIA Resort & Casino on Saturday, August 12, exploring one or more of their interests: adventure travel, family travel, cruising and wellness travel.

During the worlds fair-style expo, advisors will discover the latest developments from more than 135 Virtuoso preferred partners from around the globe, who will give eight-minute presentations to small groups of advisors at individual booths. Advisors will spend two hours rotating through all 15 booths in a pavilion, then move to two other pavilions of their choice for the rest of the event. Of the nine pavilions, three will focus on adventure travel, three on wellness, two on cruise and one on family travel. Advisors may complete all three sessions within one community, or mix and match topics of interest.

Virtuoso further developed these four communities, giving them more structure and offering an opportunity for participants to come together, after identifying trends in both product offerings and advisor sales. While some, such as cruising and adventure travel, have been core to Virtuoso for more than 20 years, others are more recently developed. Virtuoso defined its communities as a group of advisors and carefully selected partners united by enthusiasm for a specific type of travel, who share experiences, collaborate, learn about offerings, and become more engaged within that niche. Virtuoso supports each community year-round through marketing, training, events, and mentorship programs.

Community Globetrotting will introduce the newest Virtuoso community: Virtuoso Family Travel. Visitors to the Family Travel pavilion will discover destinations with a range of activities for children, teens, adults and grandparents, as well as shared experiences for the whole family. Virtuoso Family Travel joins three established communities: Virtuoso Voyages, a hosted benefits program for cruise specialists; Virtuoso Active and Specialty Travel (VAST), with its focus on adventure, active exploration, and niche offerings; and Virtuoso Wellness Travel, emphasizing experiences that nourish the mind, body, and soul through nutrition, healing, fitness, and education.

Another aspect of Community Globetrotting will be the Virtuoso Shopping Village, with eight partners from popular upscale retail venues in Europe and the U.S. Advisors can visit the Shopping Village at any time during the day to learn about the VIP experiences and exclusive benefits these partners provide to Virtuoso clients. Shopping accounts for $104.8 billion in travel spending in the U.S. alone, according to the U.S. Travel Association, and ranks as one of the top three activities (along with sightseeing and fine dining) for international travelers.

The new Virtuoso Community Globetrotting builds on Virtuosos Globetrotting event, introduced in 1999, that brought hundreds of active and specialty travel enthusiasts together on the Saturday before Virtuoso Travel Week.

Travel Agent will be on location at Virtuoso Travel Week – stay tuned to for the latest news and trends from the event.

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