Trending Destinations of 2017

Our team of globe-trotting travel editors and correspondents has identified a number of destinations that have been drawing new or renewed interest from savvy travelers. While most of the names are familiar, they may not be lighting up your radar screen, as we believe they should. We begin in northern Europe, travel west to Mexico and Central America, then across the Pacific to Hawaii and Asia, and finally explore Africa and the Caribbean before concluding our journey of discovery — or rediscovery — in one of the most American cities in the United States.

Click on the name of each destination below for an inside look at what makes it special, who’s a great fit for a vacation there, and the best off-the-beaten-path sights to see and places to stay. We’ll be spotlighting 11 trending destinations in total through Friday --  keep checking back here at throughout the week for the most exciting places to check out in 2017. 

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