Galway Food Tours Launches New Walking Tour

Galway Food Tours has launched its new neighborhood walking tour that dives into the heart of Galway’s city areas. Taking in the historic charm of Woodquay, the bustling city center streets and Eyre Square, through the Latin Quarter, onto Galway’s Westend and then out to Salthill, the Galway neighborhood ramble tour will introduce little nuggets of social and cultural notes while offering a refreshment or two along the way.

From Woodquay to Salthill, every step promises a new and different discovery of people, food and stories. The city is surrounded by water with the River Corrib holding pride of place. It’s the fastest-flowing river in Europe, so the tour begins at the midpoint between the iconic Salmon Weir Bridge and the new pedestrian bridge. Here, the ramble begins into Woodquay where travelers will enjoy the river from another viewpoint at the Commercial Boat Club, pop in Hughes for a pint, an oyster at Galway’s only Oyster Bar in McSwiggan’s or a quick flutter at the bookies next door.

Travelers will stroll up to Eyre Square, where the bustle of city life intertwines with the city’s famous parkscape. The newly opened Mary Mullens is offering an Asian-inspired outdoor oasis with Galway-style gyozas on offer. The history of Galway can be seen on every corner but a pop into the 800-year-old Kings Head on High Street offers information about how the town became a city with the addition of a matter of a beheading right at the door of a very famous king.

Crossing the bridges into Galway’s Westend, this place moves to a different beat than the rest of the city, which keeps high-street chains at bay and allows independent boutique businesses to flourish. Many businesses have been here for generations and supply the needs of the restaurants and bars that have stamped the area on the food map even if one will not always find it on a tourist map. Specialty tea and coffee cafés with hidden sun traps and vintage clothing shops have recently changed the daytime vibe but no day is complete without a trip to Galway’s oldest grocery store to see Ernie or a drink in the Small Crane, which used to be a potato market.

Heading out to Salthill for some fresh sea air, guests can have coffee in Kali or a small nip of something stronger at Tribe Gin school followed by a trip to the slots or the casino at the iconic Seapoint.

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