Journeysmiths Announces Expansion of Latin America Offerings

Journeysmiths has been handcrafting private holidays for a dedicated clientele to Africa, Asia, Indian Ocean, Latin America and the polar caps for over 30 years. Witnessing a growth in demand for Latin America, the company has announced the hiring of a veteran product specialist, and looks ahead to even more growth in South and Central America throughout this year.

The tour operator currently offers itineraries to seven of the 33 countries that comprise Latin America. To expand and develop its luxury and wildlife experiences even further the company has hired Joanna Hussey, as head of Latin America. Having worked within the travel industry for over 20 years, Hussey joins the Journeysmiths team after more than 10 years with Audley Travel as one of the company’s Latin America top senior specialists. During her tenure with Audley, Hussey grew her product knowledge, becoming a specialist on the continent and an integral member of the company’s Latin America team. Her extensive product knowledge and expertise lead her to become a founding member of Audley Travel’s U.S. headquarters in Boston in 2014, the company’s first and only office outside of the U.K. As a key member of the Audley team, Hussey helped train new team members, grow the LATAM revenue by more than 50 percent and acquired a dedicated base of over 80 percent repeat clients.

“It is an exciting time of growth at Journeysmiths,” said Laura Burdett-Munns, managing director, Journeysmiths. “With the addition of Joanna and her grasp of the U.S. market, the team is focused on expanding our LATAM product, capabilities and sales within Antarctica, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador/Galapagos and Colombia. As we look ahead at the second half of 2023, our goal is to launch Belize, Bolivia, Guatemala, Mexico and Panama at the request of clients who are eager to explore South and Central America on a more intimate level.”

The previous year, the company crossed the pond to begin sharing its expertise with the U.S. market. Founded in 1990 as Africa Exclusive, it has since expanded its global offerings while remaining true to its a deep-seated belief that travel should inspire personal growth, expand horizons, and support conservation as well as the local communities visited. All guest itineraries are crafted from scratch, and include an opportunity to create a positive impact on the destinations they explore by working with the most aligned industry partners.

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