Luxury Gold Adds Ecuadorian Amazon Itinerary Extension

Courtesy of Luxury Gold

Luxury Gold has announced a new five-day Ecuadorian Amazon itinerary extension in partnership with Me to We.

Travelers will discover the Amazon rainforest by participating in an immersive international development project, connecting with community members and exploring nature by hiking into primary and secondary rainforest where they will see a myriad of animal species, including toucan, long-tailed potoos, and species of insects, spiders and snakes.

Here’s a look at the itinerary:

"Ecuador Me to We Extension": Guests will stay at the Minga Lodge, a jungle oasis with views of the Rio Napo, the largest tributary to the Amazon River. They will dine on traditional Western cuisine and local delicacies like heart of palm, stinging nettle and fish cooked in palm leaves. Guests will get to join a Me to We team member for a short jungle walk or canoe ride to the nearby community, where they will help build local infrastructure as part of a We Village's development project. They will gain insight into the community of the Kichwa people as they listen to the story of how Craig and Marc Kielburger witnessed a community movement, a minga, that inspired the formation of Me to We and the naming of Minga Lodge. Later, guests will join a local farmer to help carry out some of their daily activities, such as planting seeds, fetching water from the river and harvesting crops. To end the day, guests will enjoy a sunset dinner perched above the Rio Napo.

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