Off the Map Travel Introduces Underground Swedish Sauna Experience

Off the Map Travel has launched a new itinerary, “Savouring Swedish Serenity,” which incorporates mindfulness, yoga and wellness, centered around the new “Lady of the Mine” sauna ritual. The five-day itinerary includes a Swedish sauna experience, immersion in nature and local cuisine, besides a stay in the Scandinavian-designed Hello Sunnanhed barn-lodge with meals prepared by a Swedish chef.

Guests can access the underground “Lady of the Mine” sauna experience via a series of spacious tunnels and steps that descend to the sauna below, which clings to rock, overhanging crystal-clear emerald water. The experience is designed with a mix of story, song, hot and cold temperature, and tranquility, guided by Sauna Master Elin Hietanen. Between sessions in the sauna, guests emerge from the heat into the opening of the cave to cool down in the 40 degree Fahrenheit water, or simply enjoy a moment of silence in the cave. Local drinks and foods are available throughout the sauna experience, with cheese and smoked meat from a nearby farm forming a significant part of the menu.

Guests will stay at the Hello Sunnanhed barn set in an area popular with Swedish musicians who visit to reconnect with nature for musical inspiration. Located near Lake Oreiön in Dalarna, the renovated barn has tall ceilings and expansive windows. The culinary journey continues at the lodge where private chef Görgen creates menus that focus on local produce. A believer in storytelling as part of the dining experience, Görgen enchants guests with his tales as they dine. He will also take guests on a hiking and foraging experience to search for wild blueberries and other edible flora, which will be incorporated into meals. Guests can prepare the meals alongside the chef if they wish.

Prices for the five-day program include accommodations in the Hello Sunnanhed barn, all meals, private ground transfers, sauna excursions and activities. Flights to and from Stockholm are additional. The experience is offered year-round and is appropriate for ages 12 and older.

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