Top Tips for a Summer Ski Vacation in South America

Valle Nevado is one of the Chilean ski areas marketed by OvRride.

More than four out of 10 Millennials cite skiing / snowboarding as a desirable vacation feature. This is according to the MMGY Global’s 2017 Portrait of American Travelers, which also shows that number to be twice as high as that of Gen Xers and four times more than Boomers

While your Millennial ski clientele may have already made plans to hit the slopes in the Rockies or Alps this winter, they may also be interested in pursuing the sport during the summer when it is ski season in Argentina and Chile. Travel Agent recently sat down with a representative of OvRride to talk about their ski trips to both countries geared toward Millennials.

OvRride runs back-to-back trips to Chile in July and two more in August. The trips come complete with airfare included, guided tours of the major cities the operator passes through, winery tours, transportation during the entire trip, lift tickets, lodging, some meals and guided nightlife.

The first trip to Chile is to a region close to Santiago called Tres Valles. What makes this one stand out is the combination of big city culture, sights and nightlife of Chile’s capital city Santiago with three valleys — El Colorado, La Parva and Valle Nevado. The full package price for this tour is $3,599.95

OvRride will also be immersed in the local mountain culture and hospitality of the quaint mountain town of Farellones at the popular Powder Lodge. Lastly, the group stops for a wine tour en route to the small town of Los Andes surrounded by Chile’s famous vineyards, Portillo Ski Resort and the opportunity to experience the Andes Mountains Backcountry experience off the snowcat at Ski Arpa.

OvRride follows that up with a trip to the small (only one street) mountain town of Las Trancas, which is about a six-hour drive south of Santiago. This combines a Chilean wine tour experience in Los Andes, the big city culture of Santiago, a day at Portillo Ski Resort and a train ride through the countryside down south to the lesser-known Nevados de Chillan ski area.

With two volcanoes at the top of the resort, tree runs, endless natural wind lips, cornices and big bowls, people often refer to Nevados as a snow skate park. Unique as well are the natural hot springs at the base of the ski resort that the group will be sure to hit up. The full package price is $3,499.95.

Once August rolls around, clients can join the operator in Bariloche for some summer snow set in the Patagonia region of Argentina. The company will be skiing at Cerro Catedral ski resort, where there’s a mix of epic mountain terrain, mellow powder rollers, downtown restaurants, nightclubs and a happening local scene. 

Two years ago, OvRride added the option of Backcountry Snowmobile Ski / Ride day tour at nearby Mallin Alto. One of the highlights is spending a Saturday afternoon and night in the Argentine capital city, Buenos Aires. 

The tour group will be staying in the chic neighborhood of Palermo and exploring sights throughout Buenos Aires during an afternoon walking tour, having a traditional Argentine dinner and experiencing the country’s legendary nightlife. The full package price is $3,499.95.

Then at the end of August, OvRride heads deep into the Andes to hit Las Lenas. One of the more remote mountains in the Andes, Las Lenas offers some of the most untouched terrain in the area. Clients can also add a stop through Mendoza. The full package price is $3,999.95.

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