ViaHero Expands to Puerto Rico

View of San Juan in Puerto Rico
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Peer-to-peer travel network ViaHero expanded its service to include Puerto Rico earlier this month. ViaHero allows travelers to choose a local ‘Hero,’ who will help them plan unique and personalized trips.

ViaHero users can browse through a selection of Heroes and choose whoever best matches their personal interests. After getting to know the traveler’s personality and preferences, the Hero creates a fully customized guidebook and map for the traveler, all available on an offline app. Should issues arise, travelers can continue to contact their Hero to ask questions and request changes to their guidebook. Plans for the service start at $25 a day.

Heroes’ recommendations are based on the people, places and things they know best. They receive a flat rate and have no commission agreements, helping tourism money reach mom-and-pop businesses as opposed to the big-name attractions agencies usually promote.

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“Traveling to Puerto Rico armed with knowledge from a local allows travelers to discover its hidden gems,” said Rachel Hawkes, ViaHero co-founder and vice president of product development. “With the help of a Hero, you get to immerse yourself in this amazing culture in a way that is not contrived.”

ViaHero’s Puerto Rico service began November 19. The company also currently has Heroes in Colombia, Cuba and Japan.

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