Feeling BLUE? Take a Discount Charter Jet.

A new carrier has entered the private charter jet market with the official launch of BLUE.  Offered through Executive Charter Services, the carrier promises direct private charters between the Metro New York area and destinations in South Florida.
Although this new kid on the block isn’t as expensive as some of its more veteran competitors, a flight on it will still cost a little more than what’s in your wallet (depending on your wallet).  At what it states is the “lowest preset price in the private jet charter market,” BLUE comes at an all-inclusive price of $10,000.  This may not be chump-change but BLUE does offer service out of 20 airports in New York and Florida, including: Teterboro, Westchester Co, LaGuardia, Morristown & West Palm Beach, Naples, and Marco Island.  

“Many of our clients are frequent travelers between their principal residences in the north and their winter destinations in Florida.  BLUE meets the needs of those clients who desire to travel upon world-class aircraft while keeping an eye on the bottom line,” explained Kevin Godlewski, CEO of Executive Charter Services.

So as a discount charter jet, does BLUE offer any specials?  Like a buy-one-get-one-free?  

Not quite, but if you do have the cash, BLUE offers a round trip discounted price of $17,990 for any travel completed within 2 nights.

Visit www.execcharter.com.

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