Rail Europe Partners With European LGBTQIA+ Travel Association

Rail Europe has announced a new partnership with the European LGBTQIA+ Travel Association (ELTA). Dedicated to advocating for safe, inclusive and equal travel experiences for the LGBTQIA+ community throughout the continent, Rail Europe aims to further foster a welcoming and safe travel environment for all, irrespective of gender, sexuality or identity.

Rail Europe’s commitment to embracing diversity and ensuring inclusivity in travel is expanded in this collaboration with ELTA. With the intent to bridge the gaps between diverse communities across Europe, enabling connections, fostering understanding and promoting cultural exchange, by collaborating with ELTA, Rail Europe endeavors to enhance the travel experiences of LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies, ensuring they feel not only welcomed but celebrated on every journey. This partnership will involve:

  • Specialized journeys – Collaboratively recommending rail journeys and packages focused on LGBTQIA+ travelers, integrating stops at historically and culturally significant destinations within the community.
  • Involvement and support – Participating in bringing people to LGBTQIA+ events, festivals and pride celebrations across Europe, harnessing the power of the rail network to bring communities together.

“At Rail Europe, diversity isn’t merely a concept; it is one of our foundational pillars, deeply embedded in our values,” said Björn Bender, executive chairman and CEO of Rail Europe. "Partnering with ELTA allows us to reinforce our commitment to championing the spirit of inclusive and accessible travel across Europe. The journeys we offer not only connect cities but also cultures, communities, and people, honoring the rich, diverse spectrum of experiences and identities that traverse our continent."

For more information, visit www.raileurope.com.

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