Stats: The 10 Best Airports in the World

It’s no surprise to anyone in the industry that air travel is seeing its fair share of challenges right now, which are then passed on to travelers (your clients) and then to you (their travel advisors). But to determine the “best airports in the world,” Cabin Crew HQ has curated a list that factored in the fewest delays, most economical parking prices, drop-off costs and availability of choices in restaurants and shops, also considering total passenger volume.

Here is the breakdown:

Rank Airport Country Passenger Count Average On-time Flights Parking Fees Drop-off Costs Restaurants Shops Final Score


Tokyo International (Haneda) Airport



88.4% $34.9 $0 153 173 80

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

United States



$98 $5 159 113 75.13

Chicago O'Hare International Airport

United States


77.2% $56 $0 116 60 71.04

Mexico City Benito Juárez International Airport




$139.7 $1.39 168 226 69.82

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

United States


75% $105 $2 99 92 67.59
6 Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport United States


78.3% $45.3 $1 112 114 67.49
7 Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport India


81.1% $51 $1.22 54 84 67.23

Denver International Airport

United States


69.5% $42 $2 89 88 66.29

Istanbul International Airport



75.2% $16.2 $2 36 91 65.67

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

United States


79.3% $35 $0 68 50 65.26

A Little More About Each Airport

In Japan, Tokyo International (Haneda) Airport ranks first with the highest final score of 80. It has an impressive on-time flight average of 88.4 percent and the highest number of restaurants and shops among the top 10 airports.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport comes in second with a final score 75.18. Despite having the highest passenger count on the list, its average on-time flights are slightly lower than Tokyo's at 78.4 percent.

Chicago O'Hare International Airport ranks third with a final score of 71.04. Its on-time flight average is 77.2 percent, and it offers many restaurants and shops.

Mexico City Benito Juárez International Airport comes fourth with a score of 69.82. While its on-time flight average is lower than the top three, it stands out for the high number of restaurants and shops it hosts.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is fifth with a final score 67.59. Its on-time flight average is 75 percent, slightly below that of the top four airports.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston ranks sixth with a final score 67.49. Despite having the second-lowest passenger count in the top 10, it compensates with a good number of restaurants and shops.

In Delhi, India, Indira Gandhi International Airport is seventh with a final score of 67.23. It hosts a modest number of restaurants and shops compared to the top six but boasts a commendable on-time flights average of 81.1 percent.

Denver International Airport ranks eighth with a final score of 66.29. Its on-time flights average is the lowest among the top 10, at 69.5 percent.

In Türkiye, Istanbul International Airport comes ninth with a final score of 65.67. It has a relatively low parking fee and hosts fewer restaurants and shops compared to other airports in the top 10.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport rounds out the top 10 with a final score 65.26. Despite offering free parking and having a good on-time flight average of 79.3 percent, it has the lowest number of restaurants and shops among the top 10 airports.

Source: Cabin Crew HQ

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