Stats: U.S. Airports With the Most Cancelations This Summer

Air travel has been chaotic and unpredictable the last few months, to say the least, leaving consumers planning to fly preparing for the worst (and hoping for the best). AirHelp, an air passenger rights company, pulled data to find which airports within the U.S. have had the most cancelations so far this summer (May 27 – July 15), as well as the best and worst days of the week to fly and the timeframe with the most cancelations.

Here's what it found:

Airports with most cancelations (based on percentage of flights canceled):

  1. New York LaGuardia Airport – 7.7 percent
  2. Newark Liberty International Airport – 7.6 percent
  3. Washington Ronald Reagan National Airport – 5.9 percent
  4. Pittsburgh International Airport – 4.1 percent
  5. Boston Logan International Airport – 4 percent
  6. Charlotte Douglas International Airport – 3.8 percent
  7. Philadelphia International Airport – 3.8 percent
  8. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport – 3.7 percent
  9. Miami International Airport – 3.7 percent
  10. New York John F. Kennedy International Airport – 3.6 percent

When it comes to days of the week with most cancelations, Friday was the worst day. It is followed (in order) by Thursday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and, finally, Tuesday. Additionally, the time frame with most cancelations, according to AirHelp, is from 4 p.m. to 9:59 p.m.

Tip: AirHelp this year also released its Air Passenger Rights Guide; it includes information about “what to do if your flight is delayed or canceled,” “luggage rights,” “refunds and compensation: what’s the difference?,” and “how to enforce your rights,” among other topics.

Source: AirHelp

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