Meet the "Travel Tech-fluencer"

As demand for travel continues to grow, travel technology company Amadeus is looking ahead to the traveler of the future. In a new report released this week, Amadeus commissioned Northstar Research Partners to define the new traveler profiles—or Traveler Tribes—that will likely emerge over the next decade.

The report identifies four unique Traveler Tribes, highlighting how travelers may think and act by 2033: 

  • Excited Experientialists: This group have a "try it and see" approach to life. Almost half don’t live with children, enabling them to explore the world. They have a mid-to-high-income and often have jobs with flexible working options. They seek out new experiences, preferring this over materialism.
  • Memory Makers: Often middle aged, this group have low-mid incomes and possess a habitual approach to travel. They prefer leveraging familiar technology, with few actively seeking out innovations. They are less likely to have changed jobs or sought out new vocational skills in the past year. Memory Makers' motivations for travel are simple—to visit places and create memories and are less prone to adventure.
  • Travel Tech-fluencers: These are today’s young business travelers, almost half of whom are under the age of 32, and three-quarters travel for business meetings. They have a moderate income and a forward-looking perspective on life that is symbolized by how much technology they own (like VR headsets) to their use of cryptocurrency. 
  • Pioneering Pathfinders: Aged between 23 and 41, more than half of this group live with partners and children. Their above-average income lets them live a forward-looking, fast-paced life, always looking for their next big adventure. They are open to technology and more than half own innovations such as VR headsets, smart tech and NFTs. 

To read the complete report click here. If you’d like to find out what traveler tribe you are, you can also take the quiz linked here

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