Allianz Now Offering “Cancel Anytime” Upgrade to Popular Plans

Allianz Partners USA is now offering more flexibility to its customers with the addition of an optional “Cancel Anytime” upgrade to its most popular plans, OneTrip Prime and OneTrip Premier, allowing customers to cancel their trip for almost any unforeseeable reason.

Many standard travel insurance policies often include trip cancelation benefits, which may reimburse up to 100 percent of prepaid, non-refundable expenses if the trip is canceled due to an unexpected and unforeseen covered reason. These standard products typically provide cancelation coverage for a list of “covered reasons,” such as serious illness or injury to the insured, a close family member, or traveling companion; natural disasters that make the insured’s home or destination uninhabitable; and 24-hour delayed arrival at the traveler’s destination due to severe weather among the most utilized covered reasons. Products with the “Cancel Anytime” upgrade expand cancelation coverage to include most unforeseeable circumstances, including a simple change of plans.   

If a traveler cancels their trip for a reason that is not specifically covered under the base plan, products with a “Cancel Anytime” upgrade can provide reimbursement when standard trip cancelation benefits don’t apply. Allianz’s “Cancel Anytime” upgrade typically provides for reimbursement up to 80 percent of lost non-refundable trip costs if a traveler cancels their trip for almost any unforeseeable reason that their selected plan does not already cover, up to a maximum insured amount of $16,000. Customers who cancel their trip for a covered reason may still receive 100 percent of their lost non-refundable expenses, up to their maximum coverage limit. Customers can cancel as late as the day of departure, as long as they haven’t already left on their trip.  

To file a claim for reimbursement, customers will need to submit their proof of payment for the trip costs, as well as documentation of any refunds received, and other documentation required.

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