Avoya Travel Launches Avoya Flights Program

Avoya Travel has launched the beta test for Avoya Flights, an air program that was initially teased during the 2022 Avoya Conference. The program includes a robust and easy-to-use booking engine, dedicated support desk staffed by experienced airfare experts, and a vast selection of commissionable airfares. Both the booking engine and access to the air desk are integrated into Avoya’s patented SaaS technology, Agent Power, allowing Independent Agencies to provide full-service vacation planning services all from within the same software ecosystem.

Historically, Avoya focused its efforts on the cruise, hotel and tour portion of leisure vacations versus air due to the antiquated air GDS technology that was available and the lack of commissionable airfares. While not previously a large segment of Avoya’s business, an air program was a key initiative for Avoya’s 2025 corporate plan. Avoya was keen on both finding a way to integrate the booking process into Agent Power and creating a solution for Avoya Network members to outsource their air bookings to an air desk if they chose to do so. With the launch of Avoya Flights, Avoya introduces itself as a future powerhouse in the complete vacation package segment of leisure travel. The air program offers immense new commission opportunities for the Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network, access to extremely competitive fares for travelers, and a reduced cancelation rate for leisure vacation suppliers due to the strong link between airfare and lower cancelation rates on vacation products, especially those who offer international travel.

Avoya Flights offers access to an intuitive booking engine user interface as well as a full-service support desk (via phone or email) allowing Independent Agencies to quickly and efficiently compare routes, carriers, and fare options to make the best decision for travelers. Access to commissionable rates opens untapped earning potential for the Avoya Network while the competitive pricing available ensures travelers are finding the best deal for their vacation needs. Additional benefits of the dedicated support desk include a pre-purchase review of all tickets to ensure the right combination of commissionable fares and competitive rates is being utilized.

In addition to expanding the portfolio of Independent Agencies to offer even more full-service vacation planning services, Avoya Flights is an integral step toward Avoya’s creation of custom vacation packages and pricing. The Avoya Flights beta test is currently available to select Avoya Network members with plans to open access to the rest of the network by Q2 of 2023.

To learn more visit www.avoyanetwork.com.

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