Guyana Commits to Growing Tourism Presence in the U.S. Market

Emerging Destinations, together with CornerSun Destination Marketing, have announced a partnership with the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) to promote “Destination Guyana” within the United States travel market. Following a previous collaboration, these agencies will continue their roles in travel trade promotion and public relations to showcase Guyana’s natural beauty, culture and commitment to sustainable tourism.

Emerging Destinations, led by Jane Behrend, will continue to cultivate trade relationships and create strategic alliances to increase travel to Guyana from the US. Simultaneously, CornerSun Destination Marketing, under the leadership of David DiGregorio, will spearhead PR and communications, telling Guyana’s story to the North American audience.

This partnership is set to capitalize on the growing trend of experiential travel and eco-conscious tourism. Guyana, with its direct flights from key U.S. cities and its status as the only country in South America where English is its first language, is an attractive destination for those seeking a blend of adventure, nature and cultural immersion.

Kaieteur Falls_Guyana_©David DiGregorio
Kaieteur Falls, Guyana (©David DiGregorio)

“Guyana has made significant strides in sustainable tourism, and we are delighted to have Emerging Destinations and CornerSun Destination Marketing onboard to amplify our progress,” said Kamrul Baksh, director of the Guyana Tourism Authority. “Their combined expertise in the North American market is invaluable as we strive to showcase Guyana’s commitment to preserving its environmental and cultural heritage.”

Emerging Destinations and CornerSun Destination Marketing are poised to launch an integrated campaign, including a roadshow and a host of media and trade events, to drive awareness and bookings for Guyana. From its vast rainforests teeming with wildlife to its indigenous cultures and community tourism initiatives, Guyana is the ideal destination for travelers seeking to explore responsibly.

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