Hotelbeds Launches New Data and Insights Tool for Advisors

Following last year's launch of The Compass, a tool for web clients, Hotelbeds has revealed its most advanced tool to date, The Compass Pro, for API clients. It is touted as a ground-breaking industry tool to help travel consultants tap into market trends and demand, while providing them with a unique insight, all in one place.

"Through a new web-based client portal embedded in, our API clients will have access to personalized and granular information based on cutting-edge algorithms that are tailored to their business model and distribution strategy and ultimately designed to give them a real competitive advantage" said León Herce, core commercial director at Hotelbeds, in a press release.

The Compass Pro has been designed to provide tailored data and information for Hotelbeds' clients, and to help them grow their business in three main ways:

  • Bespoke Data and Intel: The Compass Pro is a web-based portal that converts complex data into easily understandable results. Travel advisors can quickly see which properties will deliver an uplift in room night production, identify opportunities by type and market (e.g. not mapped, inactive, etc.), which can easily be tracked, dismissed or saved for later.
  • Actionable Insights. With the data provided, clients check the progress of each opportunity and room night growth in real-time. Using visual dashboards, they can produce detailed reports to instantly evaluate the impact their actions have on their opportunities. 
  • Supporting Growth. By empowering travel buyers with a data-driven tool, Hotelbeds is sharing the best data and market information directly with its clients, so they can discover the full potential of travel agents working with Hotelbeds.

"We have been working on The Compass Pro for quite a long time to ensure it is the very best product for our clients and so we are excited to make it live now," Herce added. "We have taken the technology to the next level and we're delighted that our clients are loving it and taking full advantage of all the powerful features it includes."

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